Tiktok and Instagram reels logos

TikTok vs Instagram Reels: Which is Right for Your Marketing Spend?

Your first question might be why would I market on either? Isn’t TikTok mainly for kids and teens, while Instagram Reels is just a TikTok clone? The short answer is NO.


5G Opens a New World of Marketing Possibilities

From conspiracy theories to the all commercial hype, you’ve probably heard 5G is coming. Depending on where you live, it’s likely already arrived.

Spotify Advertising logo with a soundwave design

Lend Me Your Ear: Introduction to Spotify Advertising

Can you hear that? Are you missing out on a great advertising opportunity? We’re inundated with so many social platforms and advertising mediums that it’s hard to keep up with for the average business owner.

A trendy person with big glasses and lines coming from their head. The lines are a gradient pattern from purple to orange to pink.

Rise of the Influencer

In simpler times when you wanted your product or service to get some notoriety, you found a celebrity or athlete that fit your brand. Think Michael Jordan.