The Importance of Brand Voice

Brand voice is the personality of a brand expressed through verbal and written language. A compelling brand voice must be consistent across all communication platforms. A unique voice is how you set yourself apart from the competition.

Do you ever find yourself following a brand before you’ve even had the chance to try it? Something about the brand stood out to you. Maybe their Twitter channel was witty, or you could relate to their Instagram page. Whatever it was, it resonated with you. You liked their brand voice.

The digital landscape is a crowded place. It’s not enough to have a fantastic logo and visual content; your written content must be consistent and coincide with how you present yourself. Brands that take on a distinct personality and tell a story leave a memorable impression. Posting content that is irrelevant or doesn’t provide value is a reason your account may get unfollowed.

Brand voice tips:

  • Review your current communications
  • Define your personality
  • Include voice in your brand guide
  • Be consistent

Consistency Is Key

When creating the voice for your brand, you must consider your mission and key characteristics. What do you believe in? What value do you provide? Highlight those attributes across all your communication channels to create one consistent message.

Your message should reflect your buyer persona and how they prefer to receive their content. Is your buyer more sophisticated, humorous, or do they like their information to be straight-to-the-point? Personas influence how you deliver your content. It also helps uncover other types of content that resonate with your audience.

Check Your Tone

What you say and how you say it are two entirely different things. Your brand’s voice will change depending on the situation. You wouldn’t use the same tone to promote a new product as you would responding to criticism. You must develop a brand tone fit for different scenarios.