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Email Marketing Still Highly Effective

Email marketing may be one of the oldest messaging channels, but it still proves to be one of the most effective ways to reach consumers. For example, 73% of millennials prefer communications from business to come via email. Furthermore, 99% of consumers report checking their email every day and prefer to receive updates this way. With 4 billion daily email users worldwide, a robust email marketing strategy is critical in communicating with a targeted audience and increasing brand awareness. 

Below are some of the perks email marketing has to offer:


Email marketing allows for plenty of creativity utilizing personalized content. For example using their name or segmenting an audience based on their buying history, geography, engagement levels, gender, or race. Each email allows for different variations targeting a specific consumer profile. Marketers who used segmented campaigns noted as much as a 760% increase in revenue. Segmenting an audience based on interest, purchase behavior, demographics, and more targets them more accurately. 

Collecting Feedback

Email marketing can be especially beneficial in collecting consumer feedback. Once a customer has made a purchase, it can trigger an automated satisfaction email to stimulate further interaction, engagement, and future purchases.

Increased Sales

Rising saleRising sales are another added benefit of email marketing. Email marketing campaigns help make customers aware of special offers, sales, and abandoned cart items, encouraging future purchases. By catering to an audience’s needs, more people are likely to pay attention to a message, resulting in a higher return.

Stronger Customer Relationship

Communication is an essential for any relationship. As a result, it makes sense that a brand fosters continuous interaction. People choose to do business with brands they know, value, and trust. Reaching out to wish customers a happy holiday, happy birthday, or an update on the latest trends instills appreciation and loyalty amongst customers while keeping a brand top-of-mind. Additionally, there is potential for existing customers to share an email so that a message reaches an even larger audience.

Increased Web Traffic

A call to action (CTA) will redirect the recipient back to the website for additional information when sending out an email. They are also more likely to engage with other great content found on the page. Therefore, increasing traffic to the website and improving SEO.


Unlike traditional campaigns, which tend to be costly and time-consuming, email marketing campaigns provide a much more cost-effective approach and a quicker turnaround time. In fact, email generates $42 for every $1 spent. Struggling against time is often a conflict amongst marketers. Marketers can design emails as quickly as one day using a pre-designed template.

Quick Results

Marketers can track results immediately to determine how a campaign is performing. The analytics can record everything from who opened the email and clicked on the link to where a recipient’s location is. A business can see how one marketing channel compares to another by measuring success. In return, this helps better prioritize time and effort spent on achieving maximum results.

Email marketing allows businesses to interact with their customers consistently. The more value provided to an audience, the more a brand can build credibility and the more likely an audience is to engage. Customers want to feel unique. With email marketing, businesses can meet the needs and expectations of customers and subscribers by maintaining a constant channel of communication.

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