Graphic of social icons and human silhouette as the brand.

Humanize Your Brand

Whether your goal is to grow your audience, sell a product, or provide a service, the first thing you must do is build trust. But why should someone invest time and money in your brand?

Being transparent and relatable as a brand goes a long way in earning someone’s business and achieving success. 

The challenge as marketers who want to be promoting those products and services is to link the story back to the purpose of your business.” Behind every product, company name, and journey is a story, and don’t shy away from sharing that story and letting your personality shine through what you do. People want to hear what motivates you, the struggles you face, and how you persevere. 

Including a human element behind what you create resonates with your audience. It is essential that you identify, understand, and solve problems for the people that you serve without focusing your attention solely on promoting your product. 

Be a Relatable Brand

Take for example, SPANX founder Sara Blakely’s story. Sara was looking for the right undergarment to wear under a pair of pants when getting ready for a party. She had the idea of wearing pantyhose under her pants to create a smoother appearance but did not want the pantyhose to cover her feet.  Armed with a pair of scissors, she cut the feet off and the SPANX revolution was born.  

The point is she saw a problem and found a solution. Women love her story because it is one they can relate to. 

Sharing is Caring

Your thought leadership cannot be self-serving because people want to be inspired and they want to learn. Think of who is receiving your message and what their concerns are. It is important to share valuable content that encourages interaction and engages your audience. Be there to answer questions, share insight, and listen to the stories your audience brings to the table. In return, share that feedback and how it aligns with your brand’s mission and values. Your audience will have a newfound appreciation and invest in your success knowing their voices are heard.  

By building a genuine relationship with your audience, you are giving them a reason to want to follow and support the work you do. Simply put, people respond to people. Highlight how you got to where you’re at, the charities you’re involved in, behind-the-scenes, and what drives your business. Being relatable, interesting, and most importantly, human helps build brand credibility and trust.