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Lend Me Your Ear: Introduction to Spotify Advertising

Can you hear that? Are you missing out on a great advertising opportunity?

We’re inundated with so many social platforms and advertising mediums that it’s hard to keep up with for the average business owner. Additionally, when it comes to rich media advertising, the thought of hiring talent, developing a script, and the overall production can be a little intimidating. Fear not intrepid advertising adventurer. Between Spotify and your friendly, neighborhood marketing team—Peabody Communications, you too can be an earworm to the audience of your choosing.

Behind the Music

Many factors make Spotify an appealing advertising option, especially the numbers. Spotify’s listener stats are quite impressive.

  • 170M+ ad-supported listeners worldwide
  • #1 in brand intimacy
  • 4B+ playlists and 1.5M+ podcast titles
  • 36% of the global streaming market
  • 25 hours average per month spent listening to Spotify
  • 44% of users listen to Spotify daily

And the list goes on…

But is Spotify the Right Fit for your Business?

In a nutshell…yes. Spotify lets you define your audience by demographic, target by location, and tap into listener interest and activities based on what they stream and how.

They even support video advertising as well as traditional image-based ads. So, between the options, segmentation, and reach, Spotify is a great advertising dollar spend.

More than Music

The popularity of podcasts has taken off thanks in part to platforms like Spotify. They make it easy to include the latest podcast into your daily listening habit. Podcasts give a greater peek into the mind of the listener because they are topical and interest based. The music alone is less granular.

Another great option is to become a sponsor for a particular podcast. This can give you far more exposure with an audience in line with your product or service based on the subject matter of the podcast you sponsor. Or simple swing for the fences and go for popularity. Some podcasts have a huge listener base.

Easy Like Sunday Morning

While Spotify does make advertising on its platform easy and accessible, to toot our own horn, a seasoned marketing team can help to demystify the whole process. From creative concept to graphic and audio creation to targeting data, our team will be your audio ambassadors.

Let Success be Your Playlist

With an endless sea of options, know where to focus your marketing and advertising spend is key. Spotify has established itself as a giant, and with the tools they provide to target specific audiences, it’s worth tuning in. Talk to Peabody to hear the sweet sound of success.