Search Engine Marketing

Paid search is an effective tool for driving traffic to your website. Peabody will help create the search ad and the corresponding landing page to generate the most leads.

What Is Search Engine Marketing?

Ads placed above the top-ranking search results, including product listing ads, are examples of search engine marketing (SEM).

Search Engine Marketing

The paid method of increasing website traffic through ads appearing on search engine results pages (SERPS) based on keyword search terms and location

Advertising on search engines is one of the most effective ways to promote your products and grow your business in a competitive marketplace. Some consider SEO a part of search engine marketing. The difference is that SEM uses paid ads, commonly known as PPC (pay-per-click), where SEO uses organic methods such as content optimization and domain authority to rank in search results.

When we refer to SEM, we are referring to Google nine times out of 10 (literally). Google has a 93% market share among search engines. Hence the phrase “just Google it.”

Steps to setting up a campaign:

  • Start with keyword research to determine which keywords relate to your product or service
  • Select the geographic region for the ad to appear
  • Craft the content for the text-based ad
  • Set your budget, and bid on a price to pay for each click on the ad

Source: Optimizely

Why You Should Already Be Using SEM

The primary benefit of SEM is that it offers the opportunity to display your ads to an audience that is actively seeking your service or product. With 93% of online activity starting with a search engineSEM has become a vital marketing tactic for expanding reach.

In addition to appealing to a receptive audience, SEM provides excellent insight into ROI and ad performance. Bidding on CPM (cost-per-thousand impressions) keeps you within your budget and makes SEM a very cost-effective marketing option.

But as with most marketing endeavors, planning is crucial. To be successful with SEM, you must understand what keywords your audience uses when performing a search. In doing so, your ads are more likely to generate leads and drive revenue growth.

We can develop an entire strategy or provide consultation on how to maximize your search engine marketing efforts. Talk to Peabody