Logo Design

We explain how a well-designed logo can bring value and establish the strength of your brand for decades to come.

What Is Logo Design?

Logo design is creating a combination of text, imagery, and color to depict something unique. Experts might say that early civilizations produced the first logo designs—symbols representing individuals date back to Ancient Egypt.

Logo Design

Crafting a unique visual identifier to represent an individual, company, product, or service as a significant component of a brand

Other historical equivalents of logos were the coat of arms of medieval Europe. Today’s notion of a logo officially representing a company began when Bass Brewery trademarked their red triangle in 1876. Of course, there are earlier examples, including elements of the Stella Artois logo dating back to 1366.

What makes an effective logo design:

  • Simplicity
    Keeping your logo simple makes it easier to read, understand and recognize.
  • Originality
    You want your logo to be memorable and stand out from your competitors.
  • Versatility/Scalability
    If your logo isn’t easy to work with, you will have a hard time using it in marketing materials across different forms of design media.
  • Balance/Proportion
    A well-designed logo should be well balanced and proportioned to help with its clarity and readability.
  • Timelessness
    Your logo should be able to withstand the test of time. A logo that is too trendy will likely have a short lifespan requiring investment in a rebrand and resulting in possible customer confusion.

Collaborative Logo Design

Whether we are designing a new logo for your business or helping you refresh your current logo, we’ll work together at each step to ensure the final product reflects your company image perfectly. Through our discovery conversations, we’ll learn about your company and what sets it apart. Then, our designers will explore multiple options and work with you until we have a final logo that you will truly be proud of for years to come.

Let’s get started developing a logo that is distinct, timeless, and effective. Talk to Peabody