Tagline Development

Learn what a tagline is and how Peabody will walk you through the steps involved in developing a strong and memorable message.

What Is a Tagline?

A marketer or writer will craft a tagline to communicate the value of the brand or products promoted in marketing material. A tagline should highlight what a brand is selling and why it is different/better from the competitors. Some can be witty and catchy, which will only help customers to remember it and provoke emotion.


A short phrase that creates a memorable slogan to support a brand

A company can use taglines in marketing campaigns, print, TV and radio spots, promotional events, websites, and social media channels.

It is industry standard to stick to one tagline for promoting the brand, but not uncommon to have a few that cycle over time when launching new brands, products, or marketing campaigns.

The five styles of taglines:

  • Descriptive
    These taglines reinforce the brand’s or product’s promise.
  • Imperative
    Imperative taglines demand action and usually include a verb.
  • Provocative
    Commonly ask a question to get consumers to evaluate whether they can improve some aspect of their lives.
  • Specific
    This type of tagline highlight’s the business sector of a firm.
  • Superlative
    These taglines position a brand as the best.

Include a Tagline as Part of Your Brand Strategy

Sometimes a logo doesn’t tell the whole story, or you want to include a little something extra to connect with your audience. Peabody can even focus group different options so you feel confident your tagline gets the proper reception.

We’ll work with you to craft a clear, compelling, meaningful tagline that resonates with your audience. Talk to Peabody