Environmental Graphics

Branding is all around us. Three dimensional applications of a brand is both visual and tactile. Doing it well is the key to elevating the brand.

What Are Environmental Graphics?

Environmental graphic design is an aspect of design and branding where a logo or graphic is represented in our world rather than on screen or paper. This can range from event banners to corporate signage within an office. Another application we have experience with is combing both logo and graphics in a corporate entertainment suite at a venue. When hosting clientele, the brand is reinforced to the visitors by the dimensional decor within the suite. When executed correctly, the experience leaves a lasting impression.

Environmental Graphics

Through the use of material, color, imagery, and application, environmental graphics create a sense of space while communicating your message and promoting your brand.

When it comes to environmental graphics, our designers understand ways to elevate the brand experience while working within a budget. Working with our installation partners and the venue staff, we’ll manage the total project from beginning to end. Whether it’s working with your building manager on codes or requesting the exact paint color from a sports and entertainment venue, we’ve got you covered. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!

Environmental Graphics Examples

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