Event Marketing

Learn the value of engagement and how Peabody can help you utilize event marketing to bolster your brand and generate more leads.

What Is Event Marketing?

Like trade show marketing, event marketing is simply promoting your brand, product, or service at a live event. Of course, the event could be virtual as well. The idea is to interact personally with potential customers or investors.

Event Marketing

The method of promotion at live or virtual events where there is one-to-one engagement with the prospects

Events are high-visibility marketing opportunities. The times leading up, during, and after the event all provide touchpoints for an audience. Email marketingadvertising, and social media are effective vehicles to deliver your message and request feedback afterward.

Benefits of event marketing:

  • Increase Brand Recognition
  • Generate Leads
  • Promote New Products
  • Engage Customers Directly
  • Add to Contact Database
  • Stand Out from Competition

Is Event Marketing Right for You?

The event industry has taken a hit lately, and while the events may look different, event marketing is here to stay. Peabody is based in Nashville, a destination city, where there is always something going on.

Peabody has several event services because the marketing opportunities, engagement, and brand exposure has been great for our clients. Event marketing is not about just putting on a big show; it’s about engaging with your audience, whether it’s in-person, virtual, or over a casual meal.

Let’s talk about the type of event marketing that makes sense for your objectives. Talk to Peabody