Digital Marketing

We’ll walk you through digital marketing and the many ways Peabody can use it to benefit your business.

What Is Digital Marketing?

There are many aspects to digital marketing, and innovative marketers are coming up with new ones every day. With our reliance on Google, the popularity of social platforms, and the number of mobile devices with internet access, digital marketing is more important than ever.

Digital Marketing

Methods of promoting your brand, product, service, or offer to customers on their digital devices through various online channels such as search, social media, websites, email, and mobile apps

As technology advances, so does the ability to reach audiences on a very granular level. Everyone has experienced ads “following” them around the internet. Marketers can track consumers’ behavior, interests, location, and even intent in the digital space. On a personal level, this may seem a bit invasive, but as a business owner, digital marketing creates opportunities to reach a well-defined audience like never before.

Some examples of digital marketing:

  • Social media content
  • Social media ads and promoted posts
  • Search ads (PPC) and SEO
  • Targeted display ads
  • Pre-roll video ads
  • Mobile app and native ads
  • Geofencing
  • Email marketing
  • SMS text message marketing

How To Get Started With Digital Marketing

The key to success in any digital strategy is planning. The most successful marketing plans start with defining goals, identifying the audience, and allocating a budget for the methods most likely to achieve the stated goals.

The more information you provide about your business, the more successful the marketing strategy will be. If not already familiar with your business, a marketer might provide you with a questionnaire to learn about your history, mission, culture, and objectives.

For larger companies, understanding what each channel is trying to achieve is vital in developing a marketing plan. Today, digital marketing is the cornerstone of any corporate strategy. Whether the goal is to convert more leads to customers, promote a brand or product, or simply increase site traffic, digital marketing provides a solution.

For smaller businesses, often, the business and marketing decision-maker is one and the same. However, the expertise usually lies in the core business rather than knowledge of marketing methods. Partnering with an agency provides strategy, tools, and creativity that many small business owners are not well-positioned to produce themselves.

Let us take the guess work out of digital and develop a strategy that attracts the most leads within your budget. Talk to Peabody