Inbound Marketing

Learn about the advantages of Peabody’s inbound marketing and why it’s important to your overall marketing goals.

What Is Inbound Marketing?

Despite what Kevin Costner was told, “If you build it, they will come.” rarely works in today’s competitive marketplaces. You need to entice consumers to engage with your brand. A comprehensive inbound marketing strategy includes quality content, SEO, trust building, and a positive customer experience.

Inbound Marketing

A marketing strategy that emphasizes attracting potential customers to your brand by communicating the advantages of your product or service over competitors. In contrast to outbound marketing, the user chooses to engage with your brand rather than interrupting messages pushed out to them

While SEO and great content are essential for organic discovery, promoting the content through various paid methods is still necessary. While that may seem counter intuitive, the goal is to attract leads. For example, you’ll give your message a greater opportunity of being discovered by promoting it on social media than you would by simply posting it. The same goes for PPC (pay-per-click). Yes, it’s a form of advertising, but your message will be displayed as someone actively searches for what you are offering.

Attracting leads is more successful when ensuring you have a quality product or service, seamless communication between teams during the entirety of the customer journey, and post-sales support to build trust and loyalty.

Services we offer to bolster any inbound marketing strategy:

Combining SEO and content with other inbound strategies improves the odds of attracting lead-generating traffic to your website. Discussing your specific goals will allow us to select the right approach to attract the most qualified leads.

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