Public Relations (PR)

Understand how essential public relations can be and how Peabody can use it to strategically position your company.

What Is Public Relations

Public relations (PR) is a strategic communication process from an organization to the public to maintain or cultivate an image and respond to discourse. PR encompasses influencing, engaging, and building relationships across several platforms to shape the public’s perception of who you are.

Public Relations

Managing and circulating information about an organization to influence public perception

PR revolves around protecting the reputation and integrity of an organization and anticipating and analyzing the public’s opinions and attitudes towards your organization that may impact operations or future plans.

HubSpot describes two sides to PR: positive and negative.

Positive PR

Positive PR highlights your reputation, ideas, products, position, or accomplishments. For example, your business just received an award for being “Best in Business.” This positive recognition deserves to be celebrated and announced to the community. Reaching out to a PR specialist can help spread the word about your success by putting out a press release. This exposure will, in return, generate more business for you, creating a win-win for the company and the consumer.

Positive PR includes:

  • News and Press
  • Media Outreach
  • Social Media
  • Speaking Engagements

Negative PR

It’s vital to prepare for when the unexpected happens, and you should share your side of the story if you are involved in negative publicity. However, how you respond makes all the difference. You would not want to make a situation even worse. PR helps mitigate damage and inform the public so that they have a better understanding of an issue. It’s essential to step in during a crisis to take accountability and show solidarity.

Negative PR includes:

  • Crisis Communications
  • Damage Control
  • Response/Apology
  • Reputation Restoration

Control Perception With Peabody PR

PR isn’t just writing news after it happens but informing the public regarding upcoming projects, product launches, events, and communications before they occur. Peabody uses PR to help companies manage good and bad press and maintain relationships to provide clarity on important topics.

We’ll shine a light on what makes you stand out and stay ahead of the unexpected. Talk to Peabody