Offset Printing

Peabody’s years of experience with offset printing will ensure the design and quality of your collateral will rise to the level of your brand.

What Is Offset Printing?

Offset printing is perfect for large volume print runs, spot colors, and special effects, including varnishes. The technique usually involves using the process colors of cyan, magenta, yellow, and black (CMYK) to build the colors of any image. Spot colors are typically Pantone ink colors. Rather than combining process colors to achieve the appearance of a particular hue, the ink is already the correct color—similar to screen printing.

Offset Printing

The use of plates to transfer ink to a rubber blanket which in turn transfers the ink to paper

Increasing Your Reach With Offset Printing

One of the most effective ways to utilize offset printing is with direct mail. In a recent study by the Direct Marketing Association, “79% of consumers will act on direct mail immediately.” There is also a lot of versatility with direct mail due to all the different marketing materials you can produce for mail.

Examples of direct mail:

  • Letters
  • Postcards
  • Posters
  • Catalogs
  • Brochures
  • Newsletters
  • Coupons

Is Offset Printing Right for You?

While the initial cost may seem high, most of that is in the upfront setup. Once a project is on press, the increased cost to run thousands of copies becomes nominal. You can print a large quantity at once for a comparable price of doing multiple low-quantity digital runs. If the piece includes spot colors or varnish, then offset printing is the only choice.

We’ll design and manage the offset printing of your project to ensure the best quality and impression for your brand. Talk to Peabody