Online sales continue to set records. Peabody will get you set up for success and help you reach an ever-expanding audience.

What Is Ecommerce?

Ecommerce is simply buying things on the internet. Nearly every American who has access to the internet has made a purchase online before.


The process of buying and selling goods or services through electronic transactions via websites on the internet

With social distancing, restrictions, and the continual growth of online retailers, customers are making purchases online now more than ever. Even if your business already has a brick-and-mortar location, having an online presence will only help grow your business.

20% of Retail Purchases Are Online

Digital Commerce 360 summarized the second quarter of 2021 online sales by saying:

“Nearly $1 in every $5 spent on retail purchases continued to come from digital orders in the second quarter, according to a Digital Commerce 360 analysis of Commerce Department data, and online’s share of total retail sales was still elevated from pre-pandemic levels.”

Recent statistics on ecommerce growth:

  • US ecommerce grew by over 40% in 2020
  • Over 3.4 billion ecommerce consumers worldwide
  • Retail online totaled over $4.2 trillion in 2020

Source: 99firms

How To Get Started With Ecommerce

Most businesses can benefit from selling products online in some form. If you can describe your product, take a photo of it, and price it, then you’re ready to start selling online. Your new ecommerce website will work for you 24 hours a day.

There are many go-it-alone approaches but working with a qualified web development agency can provide you with numerous benefits. Peabody Communications will take the hassle out of the process. We are experienced in setting up the transactional side of an online store, as well as offering distinctive design and photo editing capabilities. We can also market your new store through SEOsocial media, and advertising.

Let us help you get started with a new ecommerce website or enhance your existing store today. Talk to Peabody