Website Platforms

We can adapt to almost anything, but we specialize in a specific few. Learn about which platforms we build websites on and why we use them.

What are Website Platforms?

A landing page makes sense to build as static HTML, but a website has many more requirements. For this reason, we choose to develop client sites on a dynamic content management system (CMS).

Website Platforms

The applications or frameworks upon which a web developer builds websites

Other platforms include no-code website builders that allow amateur and professional website creators to build fully functioning websites. An experienced web designer will have an advantage because of their understanding of the core technologies and principles of the no-code platform.

Why We Use a CMS to Create Your Website

Utilizing a CMS allows us to create a fully custom website design using the out-of-the-box CMS structure and back-end capabilities. The creators of most CMSs built them on the concept of separating Content from Presentation. The content is housed in the admin interface of the CMS and injected into theme templates that define the presentation. This dynamic approach is optimal for leveraging the functionality of the CMS while allowing almost limitless customization of the design and front-end functionality.

Peabody Primarily Uses WordPress for Client Websites

We chose to specialize in WordPress because it’s flexible, user-friendly, and scalable. With WordPress, we build out a custom theme to fit the needs of your business to maximize current and future growth. The admin panel is user-friendly and intuitive, and therefore, anyone can handle content updates with ease.

WordPress is the CMS behind almost a third of the websites on the entire internet!

WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world. It has been around since 2003 and has over 50,000 contributors to code development and plugin creation. The latest major release of WordPress has been downloaded more than 35 million times since 2019. So, we feel comfortable with the future of WordPress and the number of resources available to support the platform.

Some benefits of using WordPress:

  • Cost effective
  • Quick development
  • Ability to edit content yourself
  • Meet your specific needs
  • Large support community

Website Security Is a Priority

People may be hesitant to use CMS platforms such as WordPress because they can be targets of hackers. While no website on the internet is entirely safe from a hacker, we follow website security standards to keep your website as secure as possible, so don’t let fear stop you from committing to a high-performing website for your business.

We Hand You the CMS Keys if You Want Them

After completing your website, we give you access to the WordPress admin panel, which allows you to make text updates yourself. You can even create new pages and publish blog articles. No coding knowledge of any kind is needed. If you’re familiar with editing text documents on your computer, you can now make text updates to your website without needing to contact us for every small change you need. We are always happy to help our customers, but we’ve found our clients like to have the option of making edits themselves too.

Let’s discuss your specific website needs and decide which platform is right for you. Talk to Peabody