The Season for Event Marketing in Nashville Is Here!

While Nashville may be a bachelorette party destination, it also attracts many organizations and industry trade shows. The spring and summer weather amplifies the draw to this exciting town. It’s busy season for event marketing in Nashville!

One thing the events have in common is the need for event marketing. Whether you’re the event sponsor or simply a participant, you’ll need to be well represented with business cards, print collateral, social media posts, maybe an event-specific landing page to capture leads, and many other supportive elements. 

Why Use an Event Marketing Agency in Nashville?

The demands of logistics and ensuring the brand perception leaves a meaningful impact for the event sponsor upon attendees can be daunting. The show must run smoothly and look professional and exciting. Working with an agency for event marketing in Nashville will alleviate much of the stress and take the event to a level that exceeds expectations.

An event marketing agency will help with the lead-up to the event by generating a “buzz” through social media and various other channels. A proper marketing agency will be able to provide marketing on your existing site or create a new one specific to the event. The digital presence is vital in promoting the event by providing information, location and dates, and a contact function for capturing leads and answering questions.

Hosting events in Nashville goes far beyond the show itself. Nashville is a great place to entertain your attendees outside of the event. By taking advantage of the opportunities in town, you’ll leave your audience with an overall experience they won’t forget. As the event sponsor, you can host gatherings around town, provide a list or itinerary of things to do, or even create an interactive experience with a scavenger hunt throughout the city. 

Standout, Nashville Style

Event graphics are the visual association of the event and sponsor that attendees will remember. From signage to banners and stage backdrops, the look and theme of the event should be everywhere. The event sponsor should post graphics around town through street pole banners, ads, and billboards. The out-of-home (OOH) marketing connects with an audience not attending the event to create great brand exposure and potentially entice new guests at future events.

Often overlooked are post-event actions. Upon the event’s conclusion, the marketing agency of the sponsor should send a follow-up email to attendees thanking them for coming and possibly include a link to a short survey to gather their feedback. The sponsor and presenters should have collected contacts during the show that a representative can add to a CRM for additional touchpoints.

Event marketing in Nashville is a crowded space. With so many people drawn to the city, make sure to choose an agency that will help you stand out from the crowd.